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Single Session Consultation (SSC)

Single Session Consultation (SSC) is an evidenced-based, client-centered session that lasts for only one session with no commitment or expectation to return for additional sessions. If you have no previous counselling experience and/or and you don’t want to commit to regular sessions, SSC may suit you.

SSC is appropriate for someone who motivated to immediately get to work on one specific issue. It is a solution focused method that encourages you to build on your strengths. The therapy will help you visualize a desirable outcome and map out short-term goals.

SSC is not an appropriate treatment choice if you are in crisis (i.e., having thought of self-harm) or in need of on-going therapy and long-term support.

Please contact us if you are interested in Single Session Consultation. You will participate in in a phone intake prior to the SSC where your main concern will discussed and a determination is made if SSC is right for you.